16 Pink Grannies


Actually, there are 30/39 of them done now, but that’s not really relevant. I was a bad panda and started another new project even though I have no room to store it and several other UFOs to finish. My problem has always been that I start things and don’t finish them and unfortunately a lot of it revolves around project size. Once they get too big to tote around with me to class, I basically start one that I can. Thus, the Weighted Companion Cube blanket was started on Monday. And with the coupons I have for Michaels this week, yarn is coming CHEAPLY. I’m hoping to get all of my current projects done by summer time so that I can rev up for Christmas. If everyone is going to get blankets, I better get my ducks in a row before the insanity of summer work & school get me too busy.


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