Yesterday, I ran out of yarn for the baby blanket I’ve been working on, so today I had to make a yarn run and realized that Michael’s has a 50% off One Regular Price Item running ALL WEEK LONG. Needless to say, I’ve already decided that I’ll be making a week-long yarn run so that I can stock up on yarns that I know I’ll be using in the next few months. (So much for destashing, right?)

Is it terrible that I even recruited my mom on this one? She said she’d run down the hill with me tomorrow so that I could get double the coupon-y goodness. I’m so grateful that she gets where I’m coming from. Most people wouldn’t go a total of forty minutes out of their way to spend $5 on yarn (normally $10!) that won’t even be for them at the end, but hey, my mom is amazing.

Outside of that, though, it’s been nose to the grindstone. After I wrap this up, it’s off to curl up with HOUSE, one of my favorite shows ever, and some yarn before I head to bed and then tomorrow I plan on knocking out some more work on that baby blanket. Once I get that done, it’s one less UFO on my list!


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