Progress: 33/100

Progress: 33/100

2013-03-28 21.54.26

As promised, here are the progress pictures of my “10,000 Memories” blanket. Since taking these photos the other night, I have added two more complete rows and hope to finish row thirty-three this evening.

So far, I have joined 528/10,000 squares and it is already so heavy. I wish I had known that I’d wanted to enter it into the fair back when the weather was cold. Working on this baby in the heat is going to be awful, but showing it in May or June will make it all worthwhile.

The dark, wavy side is the back — please pardon all my tails! — and the front side just looks like a bunch of regular granny squares. It’s definitely my favorite piece that I’ve worked on in my twelve years of crocheting. I’m just not sure that I’ll ever want to make another masterpiece like this one in the future!


2 thoughts on “Progress: 33/100

    • THANK YOU! The pattern is really simple if you ever want to make a similar one. The squares don’t have to be so small, but essentially it’s regular granny squares that are slip stitched together in a step/staircase pattern. It makes for a great effect — and rock solid join, if I may say.

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