I Find Myself Struggling…

…not to start another new project. I already have three active projects that I’m working on and five in hibernation. Granted, they’re all big projects  but I started them and I have no room to keep trying to store them. Deities help me.


4 thoughts on “I Find Myself Struggling…

  1. I feel your pain. I’ve done well so far with only having one big project in the works and one little one; but it’s a daily struggle not to start something else.

    • I have 7 UFOs right now that I’ve posted on Ravelry, but who knows what else is lurking in the recesses of by craft areas. If I can whittle it all down to 3 UFOs at a time, I’ll be really excited, but that will take months, or (god forbid) maybe even years–seriously.

      • …..if I knew what a UFO was (aside from the general Unidentified Flying Object, anyway), I would be a much happier Gray. As it is, I think I get the general gist of it, and I do empathize with you. I’ll keep my fingers (and yarn) crossed that you managed to whittle that pile down some before you lose your sanity!

      • Sorry! I didn’t mean to leave you confused. A UFO is an UnFinished Object (as opposed to an FO). As an update, I am managing to whittle down some of the literal odd balls and skeins, but I think it’ll be a few more months before I can get any real progress done in the yarn department.

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