The Weekend

Generally, the weekends contain my main chunks of time to work on projects, particularly large ones that I can’t tote around with me anymore due to their sizes. That being said, and this week being my spring break, I plan on knocking out some serious yarn work.

Those 499 granny’s daughters from Foto Friday — over one hundred of them got their tails tied in this weekend at SO’s house. Sometimes it’s just best for everyone that the boyfriend wants to play Skyrim. I plan on doing another 50 or so this evening before heading to bed. The more diversity I can get into my bag labeled “Tied-In Granny’s Daughters,” the better. I’d really like to enter this blanket into the county fair this year, but in order to that, I have got to get a move on.

Pictures soon!


One thought on “The Weekend

  1. I just FINISHED my spring break, and I feel like I got NOTHING done. Of course, that probably has something to do with having to rip out a good chunk of my current project TWICE because I kept messing up. I’m still not done with it, by the way. I shall keep my fingers crossed for you that you get everything done you want to during your time off! Best of luck to you!

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